BARNETT BESTA GHOST 420, 185# 420 fps Pack

Barnett Crossbows

As if sending arrows flying at 420 FPS isn’t enough, the Ghost 420 looks as good as it performs.
It’s the first product to debut Mossy Oak Treestand® Monochromatic: a sleek, deluxe camo pattern exclusive to this crossbow. Once you go premium with color, you have to go premium with everything else.
The machined aluminum flight track and carbonlite riser not only make the Ghost 420 lighter – these elements send a message that this isn’t just any other crossbow. The add-ons make it that much better. The top-of-the line illuminated scope syncs reticles with speed to enhance accuracy; the side mount quiver detaches with the press of a button; the sling simplifies transport; and the rubber butt pad extender gives you a comfortable, personalized fit.
The Ghost 420 has everything you want in a bow and will definitely put you on the receiving end of some jealous gazes from your hunting buddies. 

1.5-5x32mm Premium Illuminated Scope

Rope Cocking Device

Side Mount Quiver

Two 22" Headhunter™ Arrows

Crossbow Sling

Rubber Butt Pad

String Dampeners

Lubrication Wax