Sales Terms and Conditions

1. Scope

These Sales Terms and Conditions (hereinafter " Terms "), detailed below, determine exclusively the contractual relations between all client and / or user of the site (hereinafter “you" or “Customer ") and the company Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda. (hereinafter” Company" or ”Store").
These general conditions of sale are the only ones to be applicable and replace all other conditions, except prior, express written permission.
Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda. may occasionally and without notice, create new, modify or amend certain provisions of its Terms and Conditions, which should be reread at every visit of the site (hereinafter "site”) .
By using the site, the customer agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions herein expressed.


2. How to buy

Sales of our site are intended exclusively to clients over the legal age of 18 years
By placing an order, users or customers explicitly state that they are older than 18 years incurring applicants in their legal situations are to make false statements in the event of not being, the Company shall not be liable if this does come to pass.
The articles are intended for use by persons fewer than 18 must be purchased through their legal representatives, assuming full responsibility for these acquisitions and future utilization.
We make available three ways:
- Via the Internet at website: in principle 24/24h and 7/ 7 days.
The customer will receive, by email, the order confirmation made.
- Via PHONE at No. : (+351) 218 110 477 or (+351) 964 755 262, during normal opening hours of the store.
- Directly in store *: Rua do Vale Santo António 48A, 1170-381 Lisboa, Portugal.
For the purpose of in-store purchases, are applicable the normal procedures and conditions applicable in Portugal to the normal retail trade.
* The promotions and prices on the Site may vary from promotions and prices on the Store


3. Information on products

The photographs which illustrate the products do not enter into the contractual domain and do not constitute any commitment on the part by the Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda. Moreover, with regard to the technical data sheets and product descriptions of our suppliers, the Company declines all responsibility as to the validity of its content.


4. Price

Sales prices quoted on the website are in Euros, including Taxes and fees legally applicable on sale to the public in Portugal.
In the shopping cart of the site, and prior to confirming the order, are calculated and applied values of the corresponding VAT. Delivery costs are payable by the customer and are billed at the end of the application, depending on selected products.
Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda, reserves the right to change prices at any time, however will try to apply the tariffs in force that were listed on the website at the time that the client made the request.
Should there be a change on prices, the Company reserves itself the right to cancel the order.


5. Availability

The Company will seek to meet the deadlines for delivery of an order, subject to availability of stock.
In the event of one of the products ordered is not available in stock, the Company will contact the customer by email or by phone within 15 days from the date of the application, in order to inform him of the new delivery date of the product.
If the client is not interested in receiving the product within the time specified, the Company shall refund the amounts corresponding to products not supplied.
In all cases and regardless of the reason, if it cannot meet or process an order, the Company reserves itself the right to cancel part or the whole order.
In no case can the customers claim loss or damage relating to canceled orders.

6. Delivery methods

Products purchased on the Site may in principle be delivered anywhere in the world, however the Company reserves the right to refuse any demand.
The orders will be delivered to the address that the client indicates as Address Delivery in his Client Form Site.
The value of the product delivery is calculated and presented depending on the country of the customer and of the value of the order.
Shipments and deliveries of products will occur only on working days, starting up procedures for shipment only after the payment has been credited to our account.
For guidance, without entailing no link to the company and except the unavailability of products or any other force majeure , the goods will be sent within 4 (four) working days for Portugal. This period may be shorter if the order could be processed by the Company services more quickly.
In addition to this delay the transit time for different locations must be added.
In case of non receipt of the order in due time the client must, as soon as possible, contact, the Customer Service of Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda.
On receipt of his order, the client should check the condition of the package.
If the packaging shows signs of having been forced, opened or if it is visibly damaged the customer must immediately file a complaint to the carrier, without which it cannot be presented subsequent claim.
In case the product is not the one that was requested or visible defects, must request from Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda. an authorization file of return and follow its the instructions.
An email must also be sent within 24 hours indicating the problem to Customer Service.
All orders are shipped under client expenses and responsability. Arco Besta e Caça cannot be made responsible by disapearence, damages, breaks or losses in the orders or items shipped. Besides when specially requested by the client and an extra insurage cover is agreed, all merchandise will travel covered only by the minimal usual carrier coverage, if and when available. If needed, any insurance claim must be made by the client to the transport company. 

7. Payment

Payment must be made:
By ATM, using the reference issued by the Company.
In exceptional cases, by bank transfer to the IBAN indicated by the Company.
The bank transfer must be accomplished within one (1) week from the time the order was placed. 
After this term, and if there is no other indication, the order will be canceled.
To simplify the processing of your application, when possible, do not forget to, at the time of the transfer, enter the order reference and the name of the person who ordered.
After making a bank transfer, copy of proof should be sent by email ( indicating the order number.
Once confirmed the actual receipt of payment, the Company will forward the order to the indicated address.
The ordered items are property of the Company until full payment.

8. Right of withdrawal

Sales to destinations abroad are final and binding with no right of withdrawal. Only items that are not in the conditions as referred to in paragraph 8 of the number 6 can be returned.
For shopping in Portugal, to exercise the right of withdrawal, you will have to submit a letter by registered post within 14 days from receipt of the order, stating as which articles you want 
to return. The items must be in absolutely new condition, unused and complete ( accessories, manuals...) , and the products must be returned in new , unused , in original packaging , sealed and undamaged , along with the note return completed and signed .
The right -back this can only be accepted for products in their original condition and complete (packaging, accessories, manual ...) and in good condition. Returned products used, incomplete, damaged or used by the customer will not be accepted.
Excluded from the right of withdrawal:
- The articles manufactured, produced, assembled or altered on request or according to your personal specifications.
- Items ordered by the Company to suppliers specifically on request and according to the client specifications.
- The books and software, are considered consumed immediately upon purchase.
In exercising the right of withdrawal, you will not be refunded of the shipping cost paid for receiving and/or return of items.
In case of exercising the right of withdrawal , the Company will attempt to refund the customer quickly , stressing however , that this time depends on the technical assessments that will be made 
to the articles , with a maximum duration of 15 days (from the date of their arrival to the company).
The customer will be reimbursed by bank transfer in the case of payment by bank transfer. After completed the technical review the reimbursement will be made on maximal delay of 20 days.
The Company will make no payment if the Customer has not yet paid the cost of the return shipping, or if they have not been met the manner and time prescribed by the relevant legislation for notification of exercise of withdrawal, or if the items show signs of use or wear, even superficial, or if the product is not packaged in original packaging or is not accompanied by its accessories, manuals and all original content.

9. Warranties and after-sales services

All items sold through the Site are considered as rapid wear consumables, and as such not subject to any warranty by the Company , except those that are clearly defined a warranty period or where the Law expressly defines obligatory warranty periods. 
Some items may be covered by an additional guarantee from the manufacturer, in which case it must be driven by the customer directly to this manufacturer, expressly excluding that case any responsibility or intervention by the Company.
The warranty applies only to manufacturing defects and does not include parts where it is supposed to be a natural wear.
Are explicitly excluded from the warranty:
- The wear caused by normal use of the product.
- The tolerances of the materials or methods of construction.
- Minor cosmetic flaws or that do not represent a significant injury or alteration to the normal use of the equipment.
- Excessive use of force and abuse of power and strength of materials.
- In the case of bows, crossbows or similar equipment, shooting in dry, even if partially, implicates total loss of warranty on all equipment and accessories.
- Misuse or the use for other purposes for which the equipment is not designed, as well as any amendments, modifications of any kind on the equipment or the use of incompatible accessories or unqualified intervention are made.
Also excluded from any warranty (except in cases where it is clearly indicated the existence of an exceptional warranty):
- Ropes, cables, cords, elastic and rubber guides.
- Arrows and Components.
- The textile clothing and footwear.
- Any screws or screw threads.
- Lamps and LEDs. Tubes of night vision binoculars
The Company reserves itself the discretionary right of decision regarding the assessment you make with regard to the circumstances giving rise to the potential defect that causes the alleged warranty, 
and may require customer verification and proof of the conditions of use.
The costs of returning the Product(s) are payable by the customer. However, if the warranty of conformity is applicable to the product(s) returned, the rates of return associated with this return will be covered by Arco, Bésta e Caça Lda.
Whatever may be the problem relating to your product, you need to send together with the faulty equipment a copy of the purchase invoice of and the certificate of warranty when existing.
The guarantee does not apply or applies partially to repair problems resulting from a cause external to the appliance (e.g., accident, shock, lightning, a power outage ...), the use or installation not in accordance with specifications manufacturer of damaging the good preservation of the unit, the use of commercial or collective use of peripherals, accessories or consumables misfits, use of unsuitable batteries or its bursting.
If the guarantee is not applicable, a budget repair can be established.
The warranties for products sold by Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda., does not cover:
- Abnormal use or non-compliant products. Please read carefully the instructions for use on product packaging
- Faults and consequences related to the intervention of a company not authorized by Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda.
- Faults and consequences related to improper use to which the product is intended (professional use, collective usage...)
Where applicable, the Company shall not be held responsible if the manufacturer refuses to apply the warranty even if it exists.
If the client rejects the budget established by the manufacturer, he may request the payment of administrative fees. If the client agrees with the budget he should make a bank transfer corresponding to the value of the budget.
The customer assumes full and complete responsibility for the proper, appropriate and legal use of the equipment, the company cannot be held responsible for any situation arising out of their use.
By purchasing any equipment, particularly, (but not exclusively), bows, crossbows or cutlery , in addition to take full responsibility for its use, the customer also assumes that you know the possible risks or dangers inherent in using proper or improper, and it is his responsibility to use them correctly and/or to promote the learning required for this .

10. Litigation and liability

For the resolution of any dispute regarding the interpretation or enforcement of these Terms and Conditions will be competent the Court of tax residence of the Company.
The Company is not responsible for delays or non-contractual greetings for reasons of force majeure, disruption, total or partial strike, postal services and means of transport or communication, flood, fire or war. The Company is not responsible for any indirect, operating loss, loss of money, loss of opportunity, damages or fees that may arise from the fact that the purchase of any product displayed on the Site. Although our products have compatible performance with professional uses, the Company is not directed at a professional audience. The Company shall not be liable for any injury that is a result of a professional activity.

11. Protection of personal data

The information that the client communicates on our site are indispensable for the treatment of the order, the establishment of invoices and warranty contracts , without them , the order will be canceled automatically . By signing up on our website, the customer undertakes to provide us with complete, reliable and accurate information. Communicating false information is contrary to these terms and conditions, as well as the conditions of use listed on our website.
The client has a permanent right to access and rectify all data relating to him, according to the national legislation in force. Customers may at any time request confirmation of the existence along the (their own personal data, as well modify it).
Promotional e-mail (electronic mail) with the new, clearance, exclusivities, good deals etc., may be sent to customers. The customer may request not to receive further emails from us at any time, by sending a email message for requesting its removal The Arc , Beast and Hunt Ltd. is the sole owner of information concerning customers .


12. Intellectual Property

All content on the site of Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda., (graphics, text, titles, brands, images, videos) is the property of Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda., its co-contractors or suppliers partners. The total or partial reproduction of the contents by any procedure and in any form is subject to prior written permission of Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda. All information, content, documents and software offered by our service is protected by the Portuguese and international law, with regard to intellectual property and copyright. The Arco, Bésta e Caça, Lda., cannot authorize copying , distribution or presentation of the contents of which does not own the intellectual property right. Any fraudulent use of rights granted by third parties constitutes copyright infringement, severely punished under the Intellectual Property Code. The Company shall not be liable in any way for the violation of rights of a user obtained by third parties and activities perpetrated by the latter on the site.