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Ideal para esperas nocturnas com arco compound, este peep sight florescente permite alinhar com maior facilidade o peep e os pontos de mira, dando uma ajuda preciosa na caça com arco ou situações de pouca luminosidade.

Glowpeeps begin as Tru-Peeps crafted with the proven reliability of aircraft grade aluminum by Jim Fletcher Archery Aids. They are anodized for metal protection, then coated with Glowpeep photo-luminescent technology for up to 12 hours of afterglow per charge... charge after charge.

A two minute charge from a bright (60 lumens or more) LED Light, or a full charge from direct sunlight can yield up to a 12 hour afterglow. For approximately the first ten to twenty minutes your GlowPeep will glow especially bright, but will quickly fade to a faint glow for up to twelve hours. This faint glow is ideal for hunting in first light or last light, and when your eyes have fully adjusted to darkness the GlowPeep’s faint glow is perfect for hunting in complete darkness.  Manipulate the level of brightness emitted from the Glowpeep by increasing or decreasing the charging time, or by using brighter or less bright lights. 

First is to make sure the peeps receive direct sunlight.  They need to be taken out of the package to charge. It is the UV rays that cause the molecular aggravation in the photo luminescent particles.

Second is to allow 10-15 minutes for your eyes to completely adjust to darkness (as they would be in an actual hunting/shooting situation). This cannot be avoided..  When one walks in a dark room directly from a bright room or outside  they simply cannot see the glow.

The important message to take from this is that the GlowPeep is designed to glow faint.  We discovered that if the GlowPeep were to glow bright it would not allow the archer to see through it... it would blind out the aperture, and defeat the entire purpose of the product.