Note: Classes and practice sessions are given in partnership with ABCPT - Arco Besta Clube.
Arco Besta Clube is a non-profit organization that aims to practice sports, namely archery and crossbow.
If you are an archer or crossbowman looking to perfect your technique or a beginner wanting to learn, join us at Arco Besta Clube !
Regardless of the type of bow (compound, recurve, longbow, horsebow, etc.) or crossbow (compound, recurve, historic) you have, you are all welcome to practice in our Club.
We also prepare for beginners in bowhunting or crossbow hunting.
If you don't have a bow or crossbow yet and you want to try these sports to see if you like them , you can do it even before joining the club.
If you prefer to become a member:
Just fill in the registration form and send it by email to arcobestaclube (gmail), together with a passport photo and a copy of the identification document or, alternatively, present the original at the headquarters, to confirm the data.
One Time Registration costs 20 €
The annual fee is 45 € *
* value in 2022, corresponds to 365 days of membership, after the registration date
Beeing a menber has among other advantages :
  • have in person support, online or by video call, to clarify your doubts
  • Benefit from classes and use of spaces for shooting at partner's value
  • Benefit from partnerships established with companies
  • Membership card to justify the possession and use of your bow or crossbow (read the FAQ'S
  • Through the club you will also be able to enroll in sports federations and obtain sports insurance
  • Participate in National tournaments and competitions
Headquarters Main Facilities
They are located at Rua Vale de Stº António 48A, 1170-381 Lisbon, Portugal, currently functioning only as secretarial and support services for members.
Archery classes at the Headquarters are temporarily suspended for the duration of the Covid pandemic. All training went on to our bow and crossbow range located at Olaias Clube, outdoor, with distances up to 35 meters
More information at:
Tel: (+351) 21 811 04 77 / Mobile / Whatsapp (+351) 96 475 52 62
Email: arcobestaclube@gmail.com
The contributions are made by donation directly to ABCPT - Arco Besta Clube, before the start of the respective practice.
Its main objective is to help with the expenses of the current activities of the club, wear of the equipment, etc.
Electronic payment methods (ATM, etc.) are not normally available
ABCPT Archery Facilities »Olaias
our Bow and crossbow range, located at Olaias Clube (Rua Robalo Gouveia 2, 1900-392 Lisboa), with distances up to 35 meters for leisure sports / competition training or preparation for hunting.
There are predefined days and hours of operation:
Predefined Schedule (Winter)
Classes days:
Monday and Wednesday »Between 6 pm ~ 8 pm
according to the availability of the coaches and students classes can be carried out within or outside the pre-defined hours (Consult us)
Practice Days:
Fridays » Between 6h30 pm ~ 8 pm
Saturdays »Between 10 am and 1 pm
Book your next workout now:
Coach: João Freitas
Tel: (+351) 967395315 / +351 218110479
Email: arcobestaclube@gmail.com
Preparation for  Bowhunting and Crossbow
This type of hunting increasingly arouses the interest of hunters, and in order to provide greater knowledge on this topic, we have training aimed at this purpose.
Whether for an initial learning, improvement, target calibration, or practice with your bow or crossbow of choice, come to us
The club also has the possibility to shoot downhill, in particular simulating the top-down shots made on tree platforms and platforms
Book your practice now:
Email: arcobestaclube@gmail.com
Equipment rental: If you don't have equipment or want to try it before you buy, contact us
Our Team
João Freitas » Coach
Coach (Level 3) of FPTA (Portuguese Archery Federation)
IBEP Hunter Archer Course
President of ABCPT - Arco Besta Clube
Throughout his sports career he has won:
14 Individual titles of National Champion by the Portuguese Archery Federation.
3 Individual titles of National Champion by the Federation of Archers and Crossbowmans of Portugal.
Several National Champion titles by teams.
1 Title of World Field Champion by the IFAA (International Field Archery Association).
3 European Champion titles by IFAA.
1 World Record and several Europeans by the IFAA.
Several individual and team national records.
Holder until the date of the Absolute National Record of Olympic Shooting - Recurve Bow.
Only Portuguese to obtain the FITA Star (Fed.International Archery) 1300 Points in Ollympic Recurve
Countless participations representing the Portuguese National Team.
5 International Archery Federation World Championships
Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games as responsible and coach.
Referee of the sport.
Carlos Freitas »Coach
Hunter archer with extensive experience including trophies obtained on 5 continents.
Master Instructor Trainer of the International Bowhunter Education Program.
EBA (European Bow Hunting Association) trainer
Level 4 trainer of the FPTA (Portuguese Archery Federation)
Trainer of the FPTA (Portuguese Archery Federation)
WA World Archery trainer (former FITA)
Responsible for the Online Training Department of WA - World
Throughout his sports career he has won:
11 Individual titles of National Hunting Champion -Fed. Archers and Crossbowmen of Portugal
10 individual titles of National Room Champion - Portuguese Archery Fed.
8 Individual titles of FITA National Champion - Portuguese Archery Fed.
2 individual titles of National Field Champion - Portuguese Archery Fed.
2 times European Vice-Champion by the IFAA.
Several National Records in F.P.T.A. and F.A.B.P.
32 participations representing the National Selection of the FABP
It was also:
Member of the panel of examiners for the Archer-Hunter exams.
Technical Consultant to the Federation of Archers of Portugal.
Referee of the sport.
President of the FPTA (Portuguese Archery Federation)
Vice-President of EBA (European Bow Hunting Association)
Fátima Rocha »
Experienced Portuguese-Brazilian archer, practicing since 1980, she belonged for years to the Brazilian National Team, with participations in countless international competitions (Pan American Games, World Championships and important international competitions)
Coaching Course of the Brazilian Archery Confederation
More than a dozen Brazilian National Champion titles, in the Olympic arc, Sala and Field categories.
Miguel Machado
Lover of hunting and fishing in kayaks and outdoor activities, he has practiced this activity for decades.
He attended in Portugal one of the first courses for archer-hunter, having since then been linked to the art of hunting with bow and crossbow.
With your experience it will certainly be a good help for those who are starting to get started.